Mostly known in audiovisual sectors, nanotechnologies show a spectacular potential of applications in domains such as health, energy, environment, IT or biology. Nanotechnology is a generic term which generally covers research on properties existing at nanoscale, meaning at atom and molecule levels. The objective of nanotechnology is to produce materials or objects below 100 nanometers (1/10.000 mm).

Those nanomaterials could be made out of nanoparticules of natural origins, coming out of combustion, ou artifical. These could be metals, ceramics, cabons, polymers or silicates, which all show very specific characteristics as compared to the same usual material at macroscopic scale.

The acquisition of these new physico-checical properties opens a great field of fundamental and applied researches, grouped under the umbrella-name of “nanoscience”. An infinitesimal scale of matter –nanometric scale – opens up, which new and - sometimes unexpected – properties appear from.

INNOmaterials collaborates with several customers in usage and processing of these new technologies.

Our applications fields

  • Phosphorescence, thermochromism
  • Nano coatings
  • Milling
  • Micro encapsulation
  • Surface fonctionalisation
  • Smart materials
  • Nano charges for plastics, bioplastics, elastomers

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