The equipments and competences of INNOmaterials allow to coordinate materials R&D projects, from innovation to industrial methods, leading to development of top quality products, respectful of complex technical and environmental requirements.
INNOmaterials allows access to various equipments (mixing of liquids, powders, elastomers or thermoplastics, milling, 3D printing, characterization equipments, prototyping presses) in order to develop new materials as well as prototyping of new products for performance validation.

INNOmaterials collaborate with their partners in developping new technologies while ensuring exclusivity, confidentiality or patents writing. INNOmaterials conduct complex projects management which require a wide expertise such as polymers and elastomers science, development of new reinforcing fillers, engineering techniques, finite elements analysis, simulations, or manufacturing.

INNOmaterials collaborates with international analytical labs which allow to ensure product conformity to various norms such as REACH, ROHS...

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INNOmaterials Luxembourg - 11 rue des Trois Cantons - L-8399 Windhof - Office: +352 2877 2337 / Mobile: +352 691 77 2337