Innovative Compounding

You submit us your technical requirements, and we develop and deliver you in the form you want le compounding formulation, thermoplastic, metal, ceramic, liquid, resin, etc…

Thanks to our latest equipment’s, our associated laboratories, we select the raw materials and mixing procedure. Chemical reactions are defined and controlled the best way to obtain the product in-line with customer requirements (color, fragrance, thermochromism, magnetism, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, fungicide, etc...).

Specific properties of a material can be very diverse with infinite possibilities.

Few exemples of development

  • Perfumed rubber materials through micro encapsulation of molecules
  • Bio formulations for films production, packaging, technical components development, plastic fillers chips, …
  • Elastomer products showing high fraction of recycled rubber
  • New Bio oils for rubber lubrication or wood treatment
  • Rubber formulations with specific properties at small or high elongations
  • Formulations with low air permeability of high fatigue resistance
  • Resins with specific dielectric properties
  • Bio fillers for rubber reinforcement
  • New composite glues

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