It is possible today to substitute oil based polymers, lubricants, plastics by bioplastics showing coloring, reinforcing agents, processing aids made from renewable sources. This substitution can be realized with no performance loss, with a favorable life cycle analysis, in total respect with Kyoto engagements.

Polymers, and their various technical properties allow to create a wide variety of products, being in packaging, or in technical applications. But these could be made today from polymers not originated from crude oil, called bioplastics, mostly coming from renewable sources.

INNOmaterials answers some of your questions: what are these new materials? How can we compound with them? What are their technical characteristics? In what products can we use them? How do we manage their end of life?  Biodegradable vs compostable? How can development of those materials save fossil energy sources and other materials?

A giant step for environment

  • Substitution of usual fillers (silica, carbon black…) by nano-bio-fillers based on corn starch.
  • Development of new vegetable oils (lubricating sector, plastifiers, cosmetics...) for wood treatment, in collaboration with swiss high school in Bern.
  • Development of new packaging, technical products and composites, based on customer needs.
  • Development of new materials for anti-noise walls, wall partitions, road/ground coatings.

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